Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Building Hard Assets

Here is the reason , why you need to own hard assets.
Today , watching the stock market . I saw my stocks that I hold , go down in value . However , my Gold and Silver went up in value . So it all balanced out .

I have been posting about silver and gold , for the last few post . But today , was a prime example of why you should hold hard assets like gold and silver. Just keep in mind , that what goes up will come down . The market is a funny thing , it is a true a ride with a lot of twist and turns . That will make anyone sick .

If you balance out your holdings , with soft and hard assets , it will help ease the pain . Trust me on this one . However , since the shares that are down . You can buy them on sale . Remember what goes up must come down , and what goes down must go back up . So you need to learn too buy at the right time on both soft and hard assets . The good thing about silver , it is still about $18.00 a troy oz. It is climbing , but it is still worth the buy .

Thank you for your time .
Mike Lunsford.

Monday, January 19, 2015

How you can Invest

I am going to give some different ways too invest.
You can open a Stock account . Like etrade , you can sign up for a IRA . If your job has a stock purchase plan , or can buy the company stock , comes right off your paycheck. If your job has a 401k , you can enroll in it

You can invest in buying silver coins or bars , same with gold . In fact you can spread your money out on all of the above . You do not have to be rich to invest . You do not have too make 50,000 a year or more from your job . Anyone can invest . I would love too see everyone have the lives , they want . And set up their children for the rest of their lives.

The only one , that can do that for you , is yourself . Yes I know , we all have bills to pay . However , I like I said earlier , you can start off and work yourself up the investment scale .

Just take that first step .
Thank you for your time.
Mike Lunsford

Getting rich from Silver

Getting rich from buying Silver .
Now , I have posted a few days ago about Lunsford Investments , buying and holding Gold and Silver. In this post I will talk more about Silver .

Cell phones , computers , tablets all have silver in them . Silver is a great conductor or these products. And these products are not going away . They are becoming higher and higher in demand . So , more are being made so more silver , is being used . The demand for silver is going up . Just that easy. Another reason they use sliver , it does not rust at all .

Silver is cheap , too buy . About eighteen dollar's for a troy once . Gold on the other hand is about $1265.00 per troy once . Not everyone can buy Gold , however Silver you can buy every week , month to month , year to year . thing of it this way . Silver is a sound and safe way too hold cash value in . Much strong than any dollar out there on market .

So , I hope I gave enough info about why you can get rich , from buying and holding silver . Add it too your investments and watch it grow in value . Silver is a strong hard asset.

Thank you for your time .
Mike Lunsford

Sunday, January 18, 2015

You cannot make a Million Dollars over night.

You cannot make a million dollars , over night . That is a dream that just will not happen .
However , you can make ten percent every month . Now , that is a fact ! There are stocks , close end funds and funds that do pay monthly dividends . They are not hard too find , I hate to sound like a broken record , but just Google it .

And there you go . It will bring up a list of different web sites that has the stock symbols . I am not going too do the work for you . I am letting you know how to get the info . It is just that easy . I know it is hard for people too invest . How many people save money ? By putting money in a savings account ?

I want to help you good people , to make enough a money so you can have the life you want . And the life for your family .

Thank you for your time . And I will post more and release more info on investing and savings.
Mike Lunsford.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Old Marvel Comics that I hold

Just a few , I hold more . However I do not want to go through all my pictures. But I believe you get the point.

Investing in Comics

Comic books , was my very first Investment . When I was a young boy . I did not even know I was Investing . Through the years I gave away some of my books . But I keep the older one's and I am glad I did . Right now , those 18 books that I bought for a dollar a piece . Are worth right now about 2500 dollars. Now that I am older , I am a little smarter about the books .

Like any kind of Investing , you have too do your research.  So , now I buy books that are signed with papers. Yes , they cost more , however the pay off in the long term . Will pay off. Look at it as art . That's how I look at . Every painting the artiest signs , right ? Well , it is the same idea. Here are a few of the books I have invested in .

Learn how too Invest

To invest , you have to follow a plan. I call the plan a road map. Not everyone , can stick with it . But if you are strong enough and can see the big picture . The pay off is well worth it in the end . And it is up to you , to factor in where you want to be in years .

What is the age you want to be , when you can stop going to work ?  45 ? 55 ? 65 ?  That is is up to the investor . And what do you invest in ? Once again , that is up to you the Investor . There are a lot of different ways to invest. Here on Lunsford Investments , I will show you how I invest. And what I invest in.

As I already posted , I bought Gold and Silver coins aka rounds , and Bars . I also buy REIT's , shares of Stocks . And on that note I love Oil Stocks. I also have a savings accounts , with three different banks. Two different IRA's , a Money Market account .

I have learned that , you need to save money too. You have to have cash in the bank, that is a fact of life . Just think if you find that investment that you cannot pass up . You have too have cash .
Now , here is another way I invest in , I buy old comics that are signed buy the artiest . With papers .

Here in the next few post , I will go in more detail about my different ways to invest.
Thank you for your time.
Mike Lunsford


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